Deploying cleantech to REPower EU’s energy independence

As the European Commission is set to present its REPowerEU plan on May 18 to wean us off foreign energy imports, it becomes all the more important to adopt a more long-term vision to prepare for full energy independence. While on the short-term building additional fossil-fuel infrastructure acts as an energy supply band aid, it locks us into an old energy system and puts us on track for a climate disaster. Renewables, if deployed massively, could help fill the energy supply gap. While we strongly support renewables, we also acknowledge that they face intermittency and seasonality issues and are limited by the current grid infrastructure. To succeed, they need to be part of a systemic overhaul of our energy system.

Ahead of the REPowerEU plan publication, we sent a letter to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council outlining the main technologies we need to achieve energy independence, and provided links with examples of innovative EU companies to take us to a green industrial leadership.

You can download the letter here:

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