Open Letter: Prioritise Climate and Energy Security in Horizon Europe!

The European Commission has earmarked 35% of funds from Horizon Europe, the EU’s flagship Research and Innovation funding programme, for climate objectives. This is more needed than ever, and today we publish our open letter to the Commission, calling for developing the tech needed for energy independence & climate neutrality, as well as for increased transparency. The letter is addressed to Commissioner Gabriel and Director-General Paquet, and is signed by 17 cleantech investors and civil society organisations.

In our letter, we identify the key new technologies the EU needs for decarbonisation and energy security. We also point out technological gaps in the current 2023-24 work programme draft from the Commission. We also make the case that transparency is critical to allow researchers and innovators to plan for upcoming calls and make their proposals more competitive. People also need to be able to trust that commitments aren’t empty words, and that the pledged funds really do reach climate innovators.

Read about this and more in our letter

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