what is cleantech?

Cleantech refers to new technology and related business models offering competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges.

The concept of cleantech embraces a diverse range of products, services, and processes across  industry verticals that are inherently designed to:

  • Provide superior performance at lower costs
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact
  • Improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources

what sectors are covered?

Agriculture & Food

Plant-based foods, regenerative agriculture, biofertilizers, soil carbon measurement

Energy & Power

Innovative renewables, long-duration energy storage, grid flexibility, green hydrogen

Materials & Chemicals

Biochemicals, advanced materials, carbon to fuels

Transport & Logistics

Electric vehicles, sustainable aviation fuels, clean shipping

Resources & Environment

Carbon capture and utilisation, water efficiency, automated waste sorting, circular construction

Enabling Technologies

Geospatial, quantum computing, artificial intelligence applied to cleantech

is cleantech ready to replace incumbent technologies?

According to the IEA, more than half of the cumulative emission reductions necessary to shift to a net-zero economy path come from technologies that are still not commercially available. Scaling up clean technology is therefore a crucial objective in the race to net zero. However, industrial scale-up takes time and significant investment. Some clean technologies, like solar and wind, are now fully mature and at cost parity with incumbent technologies such as coal or natural gas. Others, like floating offshore wind or green steel, still have a "green premium" compared to incumbent technology, and need further support to scale.

Clean technologies can have a long lead time to commercialisation, which may not be suited to the traditional venture capital model of 5-year cycles. Public policy has an important role to play to de-risk these investments, create demand for clean technologies and phase out incumbent technology. This is why we are working to close the gap between the cleantech ecosystem and policymakers.

Here is the typical growth journey of a cleantech innovation, and the policy levers that can be actioned to accelerate it:

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How can policy accelerate the scale up of cleantech?