Germany’s €200 billion cleantech investment opportunity

Climate tech innovation needs acceleration at all levels of technology maturity. Moreover, start-up and growth financing can shorten the technological maturity cycle of new climate-tech companies from 25 to 10 years, on average. In addition to advancing climate action, these technologies also offer significant market opportunities that allow private and public venture capitalists to capitalize on the rapidly expanding and highly innovative market for climate technologies.

A report published this week by the Tech for Net Zero Alliance examines investment opportunities for the establishment and development of new climate technology start-ups that could deliver impactful technologies across all economic sectors in Germany. The analysis draws on detailed market forecasts to identify opportunities for climate tech entrepreneurs and venture capital funds.

The Tech for Net Zero Alliance aims to demonstrate how better structural framework conditions for innovative climate technologies can be created to achieve the goal of climate neutrality in Germany. The alliance was initiated by Breakthrough Energy and dena, and includes climate tech startups, investors, research institutions and think tanks.

Ann Mettler, Vice President Europe at Breakthrough Energy commented:

"As Europe's largest economy, Germany has a special role to play in achieving a climate-neutral future. Due to its research strength, the Federal Republic is well positioned to lead the development of many breakthrough technologies - but the new German government must see to it that the framework conditions for the necessary private financing become more attractive."

This is especially true as the federal government's Corona Reconstruction Fund supports infrastructure that will accelerate the scaling of climate tech companies, including charging infrastructure for electric cars, as well as hydrogen infrastructure.

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